"Long Lost" lyrics


"Long Lost"

I never thought I'd have the heart to tell you every truth I've locked away,
but now these fears won't cease to ache inside my brain.
You brought me up and hid me from the torment of this cruel world
and now, like a son without his mother, I face this hell with nowhere to turn.

How could I ever forget the way you suffered?
The way you showed me love you'd never felt from another?
Yet I had the nerve to curse your name
when all you did was show me comfort.

Looking back, how did you ever have the will to keep a loving heart
when everything you held on to had left you in the dark?
From your stolen youth to your crooked lovers. Living in one state, moving to another.
You somehow have the room in your heart to love somebody like me.

Now I'm setting the record straight.
Letting it all come through, I'm putting ink to the page.
I realize that this was never your fault
and I'm sorry.

As hard as I've tried to frame you for all the mistakes I've tangled myself in, bridges I've burned at both ends, and my own self-loathing, I cannot bring my hand to paint such a picture any longer. I've spent so long holding in this bitter taste and now all I want is to remember your sweetness. But I know that through coffins, beds, love, and regret we've made for ourselves, this life is ours... so we live it.

If this is the last thing I say to you,
just know that I'm learning to love myself and I've learned to love you too.

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