"Hurricane Of '99" lyrics


"Hurricane Of '99"

I felt my skin crack from being left out in the cold.
The years made me feel so small, watching everyone grow up as I grew old.
I felt my heart harden with the bark on the trees as everyone
that I once loved slipped through my arms like a bitter winter breeze.
A chilling reminder of who they are and all that I could never be.
Rushing through the hallways and turning every corner,
I hold my breath... close my eyes, waiting 'til it's over.
Waiting for the storm to pass as I am stuck here in its path.
Just when I think it's all blown over, I feel it in the air.
It's coming back. And not a soul will make a sound
as I twist in the wind and hit the ground.
I remember when we all felt safe and sound,
the days when the weather was something we never talked about.
But now with every gust of wind and every ray of blinding sun,
everybody comes and goes as I quietly become undone.
But I won't hang my head when the sun goes down tonight.
There's better places to put my faith and there's more out there for me to find.
I never thought I'd have to grow up like this, alone.
Living my life from behind a window.
I never thought I'd have to live like this,
trapped in these hallways of glares and blank faces.
I never thought I'd have to lose my best friend
and be the one left in the cold when the storm begins.
My heart is calloused and my skin is worn,
but I'll never leave behind the ones who kept me warm.

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