"Move Slow" lyrics


"Move Slow"

We'll move slow
Let it all unwind
Where do we go from Here?
It's always on my mind
You got me feeling like,
Everything we say were loosing our stability and I’m scared
And quite un-aware

We'll move slow
The menthol on your lips will soon show me,
the places that you’ve been
I'll pin up questions that I’ve asked you,
on the walls inside my bed room,
to remind me of the places not to go
Cause I don't want to know

Move Slow
This never was a race,
even though you ran away
expecting me to chase you
But I’m not like those other boys
No nothing about me is plastic
You can treat them all like toys
But babe your messing with elastic,
I'll bounce right back

I’m loosing sight of everything I love
I’m loosing time I swear Ill make it up

Never had to go
Places that we've been to far
Cant take the walk alone
And I don’t want to
I would believe in anything
that you could imagine
It wasn’t enough to keep me hanging around
Now I’m gone

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