"Buttercup" lyrics



Lying sick
On a ship
With the water pouring in
Should I go down with it?
Or find a piece of mind
In a world that’s so unkind
unlike my own
But I'd rather stay than go

So tough shit
Always come when were forbidden
From the things we love the most
Her eyes are closed
I am alone
In present time but who knows
I can't read my own mind because

Every now and then I'll
Start to fall in love
You can call me buttercup
I'll smile
Steer you in the wrong direction
In style
Cause I’m so starved of her affection

Don’t ask to be saved
Don’t say my name
When things are said and done cause no one
Has ever played
The games we played and you just never won
And I'm shamed
This happened again
I don't recommend situations when they get sticky and
Please don't forget
The stains show up better wearing black or red


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