"Fuck 5-0" lyrics


"Fuck 5-0"

You say you're here to keep the peace
But look at how you're protecting
By instilling fear and intimidation
By using violence and condemnation

How are we free when pigs rule the streets
With guns and ammunition, abusing their authority
Given no other choice but to go with the flow
Fuck brutality, fuck 5-0
Lock up more peaceful protesters and throw them in jail
So they know not to speak out or to entail
The truth that no one will ever know
Fuck brutality, Fuck 5-0

As the crime rate increases so do the weapons
To forcefully put us back into segregation
Try to find the actual root of the problem
Disarm your guns let's all try to solve them

"Peace cannot be kept by force,
it can only be achieved through understanding."

Thanks to Mike Threat for these lyrics

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