"Finding Freedom" lyrics


"Finding Freedom"

I despise this world, I can't take this life
I wish I was never born
I'm already in fucking hell
With nothing worth living for

There is, there is, no hope

Nothing's left but thoughts of depression and hate
Feelings I battle daily, you will never relate
I feel so empty I'm waiting for my last breath
To liberate me from this horrible mess

There is no future, yes I know this
But we find freedom, in this hopelessness

People won't stop the lies and betrayal it's a fact
Through these eyes the whole world has turned pitch black
Since day one I've had orders shoved down my throat
From my teachers, politicians, enemies, and foes

There is, there is, no hope

My enemy is so big, I feel so weak
I'm not going far my future's looking bleak
I'll grasp on to what little life I have left
And search for freedom in this life of hopelessness

Thanks to Mike Threat for these lyrics

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