"Day To Day War" lyrics


"Day To Day War"

I'm running in circles, cycles I can't break
I've come to accept failure as my only fate
Sometimes I think I'm just as fake
As everything, everything I hate
I keep saying happiness is around the bend
But I'm kidding myself because the darkness never ends
No hope for light, no end in sight
Don't fucking tell me everything is okay

The only thing that gets me though the day
Is the belief that tomorrow something might change
But no, each day is always the same
The bullshit never goes away
I'm looking for something, something more
Than this mind numbing bore
I'm looking for something, something more
Than this day to day war

My hopes and dreams are all paper thin
But I refuse to let this bullshit win
I can't give in, I can't give in
I won't give in, I won't fucking give in

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