"Asymmetrical Shadow Of The Vortex" lyrics


"Asymmetrical Shadow Of The Vortex"

Featuring Matt Anderson of Adestria

Oh! Andromeda
My dear Andromeda
Do you believe in me as I believe in you?
As I can see my corpse traumatize from above
Don’t send me back to that black hearse
I’m alive!

Afflictions as nebulas!
That pull me in and explain that there is no scape
Confiding my desires
I’m interred alive

Defiance between what’s fiction and what’s tangible
Enter my conscience and make this eternal
Divided fractions of an echo
The fragments of my desperation
A claustrophobic resignation
My spirit is attracted to earth as the carrion… in dead silence moves
A chronicle catalepsy I was looking to conserve!
Nebulas open the vortex between the living and the dead
My extremities are awaken down earth
My phobias are farm an end

No amity grows…no! [x2]
(From scion to earth)
Orion has stopped to shine
Confiding my… desires
I’m still alive!
No amity grows…no! [x2]
Orion has stopped to shine
I’m still alive!

Nebulas open the vortex between the living and the dead sending the spirits back And they whisper… move!

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