"My Side Of The Story (Part 1)" lyrics


"My Side Of The Story (Part 1)"

You did this to yourself at the end of September
You bear the mark of a coward and it shows your true colors
I've sat here long enough to let you change their minds
So here's my side of the story

And it begins, another night in town with all my friends
Doing my best to keep you off of my mind
I'll pretend that what you said, it didn't affect me at all
Walking these streets with this fake smile won't last me very long

Just tell me what's going through your head
So I can lay this to rest

As minutes turn to hours since I last heard your voice
I guess I'll keep my distance seeing as I don't really have a choice
Emotions ran high, is it too much for you to handle?
I'm just trying to fill that fucking hole inside your chest

I've been pacing in circles for far too long
(Head buried into my pockets)
While you're on a bender again getting fucked up with your "so called" friends
As you took your last hit did you think about me at all?
As you took my hand and said I love you, did you even mean it at all?

Just tell me what's going through your head
So I can lay this to rest

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