"My Goodbye (Part 2)" lyrics


"My Goodbye (Part 2)"

I heard about you and what you did
I can't believe this happened based on everything you said
I guess it's a calling, it's telling me that it's time that I moved on away from you

I'm finding out just exactly what you're made of and I have to say that I'm not that impressed
Just tell me what do you think makes you able to do those things you did behind my back

I'm calling out to you, that I'm finally through
I won't let you hold me back right here again
It just goes to show, the rate at which you grow
And how some things never seem to ever change

Now that you've heard my side of the story
I hope these songs can help you see
I'm doing just fine there's no need to worry
Not that you're worried anyway
I've got one last thing to say to you
This is my goodbye.

I heard about you and what you did and I have to say that I'm not that impressed
The only thing that I can take the blame on is that I fell for all your bull shit more than once

I'll ask myself, was it ever worth it?
Were you ever worth it?
(You did this to yourself at the end of September)
(I'm giving up on you and all the shit you put me through)

This is My Goodbye.

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