"Little Whites" lyrics


"Little Whites"

My little whites, you're nothing more,
But if I didn't need you before, God knows I'm going to need you now.
I fed you up, I built you strong
But you won't hold firm for long
I'm sure that we'll be flooded soon

Whenever that day arrives,
When my guts are swelling up,
If they breach my lips then they wont stop spilling,
Like wildfire, you ruined my good name around this town and it won't stop spreading:
I know you will, so I won't ever have to try.
Honesty has died a thousand deaths tonight so that I could survive.

All of this work for idle eyes.

You do me proud, my little whites,
Sail thou forth to seek and find,
God knows, if you'll be coming home.
I dressed you up, I raised you well,
We'll be remembered for the way we sell ourselves... and not the way we are.

Stop little whites, don't spiral into each other,
If one of you subsides then that's the rest of us done for.

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