"Lost Between Seasons" lyrics


"Lost Between Seasons"

How are you about to say I'm sorry
And say that you let your anger get the best of you?
Just to turn around and contradict
Everything that you say.
No, this can't be the end.

Let go!

Let go of your pride.
Let go of your doubts.
I know that I've made mistakes,
But I feel I've come to terms
With who I was.

I can't take this back.
(Lost in a head of thoughts.)
This was not your fault, it was mine.
(It's all I thought.)
So let me make amends for all the.
Lies and deceit.
I gave you my word.

Shake the dreams off within your head.
It's all a game that the weather has chosen to play.
Look at the days we're so careless and brave.

But the past is only a wilderness of horrors.
Try to forget them.
I can feel the tables fucking turning!

Preach to yourself, I found love.
Just like the seasons change.
The minds rearrange, our bodies complain,
And we'll never stay, and we'll never stay the same.

Protest to the sky,
And just walk away.
Yet everything's changing.
It's such a shame.

Bring all your forces, they're pointless
'Cause emotions are out.
Build all you want,
'Cause I'm gonna tear it down,
Tear it down.

Needing something that you will not believe,
Seeing all the things that you can't perceive.
Feelings that touch air that is all we need.
Standing on the edge so that I can see
There is more to all of this.
I stumbled upon something
That I knew was true.

You know, I tried and I tried,
And every time that I try,
I ask myself why I've fallen for you.
You've made worm's meat out of me.

And now you say that you've never told a lie.
Well darling, every time I see your face,
I see through your disguise.
No, there has never been a night I've spent
Where I have felt like this.
I was just begging for some light in life,
And you gave me your darkness.

I will find my way inside
All your deepest dreams and take them back
To all the hearts that you've broken.
I'll make you choke on your fucking words.

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