"Go Ahead, Throw A Tantrum" lyrics


"Go Ahead, Throw A Tantrum"

Your nothing but a worthless whore

And I can't hear through your lies
I can't hear through your lies

There's blood staining the floor
It's seeping through your pores

I'm miserable
(All your senseless words just running through my head)
Because of you
(Every solitary word you say just makes me sick)
The heavens are falling down
(So swallow the pills if it makes you feel special)
The earths collapsing towards slaughter
(And speak all the lies that help you lose everyone you love)

WTF's a breakdown!?!?!

This will be, the last words you'll ever hear
So I'll speak them clearly
Pick up the pieces of my heart
That you left on the ground

I can see that this is not going easy
And i will see everything fall apart
Your life's a door,
that you shut and you locked as soon as I said I love you

Quit staining the floor with your tears

It's all over now

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