"Expectations Vs. Reality" lyrics


"Expectations Vs. Reality"

First, you feel the ground falling from beneath your feet.
All that we believe is over now.
Waking up, you’ll realize no one here seems to have feelings like you.
Look all around. We hold tight then let go.

This was not the way it was supposed to be.
You see the weathers are changing and they’re following along with the leader.
(Stand tall between towers.)
But we’re so beautiful. How can you deny it?
(In poisoned earth, we’re all flowers.)

You see these feelings changing?
Well it was because of you.
I cannot comprehend what the fuck I saw in you and those eyes.
Now’s the time to defend yourself.
I’ll pry the truth from you.

There’s a secret in her body hidden behind her eyes.
I don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve this.
(Is this the day?)
If everything happened how it all was planned, then none of this would exist.
(And I’d be the one too scared to move on.)
I hope none of you are moving on.

Moving on past everything here; the things we built for years.
But, if everything feels right, how could it be so wrong?
How could it seem so wrong? Don’t make this stop!
(Oh, how could it be so wrong for me to feel this way again?)
And I will keep on focusing on those eyes.
(Someone save me!)
But getting lost is easy. No one is there to find me.
(… To find me buried deep in this hole that I’ve dug for myself)

So, be my anchor as I drift away from all of this.
I swear your eyes will be the lie that guides me home
When I have finally left this earth.

I was always the one that had love taken away from me
because of something I’ve done, but not this time, I swear it!
I won't let this perfection be soiled!
All I’m asking is just for one fucking shot!

You finally see me, but only in my dreams.

We can make this last. We’ll have a love that’s…
We can make this last. We’ll have a love that’s real.

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