"Watership Down" lyrics


"Watership Down"

well i'm counting down the days. until you say that we can talk again. and then try to reason. please don't hang up now. i just need a moment. i've cried my last i swear. so please hear me out. i just can't wait for tomorrow. to feel alright about myself. i always wait for tomorrow. tomorrow is my whole life. if i can make it through the next five minutes. i might be alright tonight. it's not alright. never again will i be content. it's not alright. it's a conflict between my head. my heart. my hands. sinking never felt so right to me before. because i know you would push me down. please just tell me. maybe we can work this out. because i can't take this anymore. you say it's alright. it's not alright. it's not alright

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