"Our Proudest Moments" lyrics


"Our Proudest Moments"

in perfect stillness. and quiet night. i look out west and just see sky. and all my life. i_ve been praying for better days. no longer young. this song's been sung. too many times before. and it's too late. to go back and change my ways. i'll sing this song. a song of praise. of days gone by and better days. as i grow older. i try to seize the day. but i just seize up. you break down my desire. and all my life i've tried so hard. to make amends. mend my ways. you make me content with discontent. you let me know that i am not alone. and i can always rest my head on your shoulders. i close my eyes and breathe you in. and just tonight i want to die. because all my life i've been praying for better days. i need to know if i add up. if i am what i'd always hoped. i feel so small as i get older. and if we take our proudest moments. and stand them up against the rest of all our days. would we be satisfied. and could we say. i am so much more. than the sum of all my parts

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