"Optimistic Nihilistic" lyrics


"Optimistic Nihilistic"

this thing's been eating away at me. for too long now. staring me right in the face. daring me to make a change. cookie cutter kids with faux rock discs, indifferent. to a culture given to them, everything d.o.a. start waking up to the fact. that all of this is the same. do you hear me screaming? yeah, oh yeah! imagination traded in for imitation. empty fashion tore apart what once was passion. sold us out to get ahead. let go, kill yourself to save the nation. whatever happened to underground? and my punk rock. counter-culture is what we were. something mainstream couldn't steal. sold it for cheap and now it's gone. here we are. punk rock is dead in the trunk. and you're asleep at the wheel. let go, ready or not!

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