"My Other Band Is A Hardcore Band" lyrics


"My Other Band Is A Hardcore Band"

i thought you saw just where you were. you're on firm ground, but on the edge. you don't seem to understand, your situation is. darker than you thought it was. i only tried to help. yeah, and i bid farewell. i wish i could wish you well. yeah, and i bid farewell. with one last thing to tell. just don't look down. you won't find that i'm not there for your fall. and i won't answer when you call. just don't look down. but i was wrong. i offered a resolve to you. you spit it in my face. the end is here, these problems i can't solve for you. i'll leave you in your waste. you've sadly mistaken what's given for what's taken. you cut me wide open with thoughtless words soft spoken. when you lied to save yourself. well said, you lost a friend today. well done you lose again today

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