"Swindle" lyrics



1985 you're seventeen and you're about to explode
Your mum and your dad never understood
You just want to burn
So you start a band
And do the best you can
This time you're really gone to kick some ass
4 in a small van of fortune
You're gonna hit the road
And you say
Fuck you fuck you fuck you on and on
And ten years later you're still a punk
You never meant to stop
Yes you're a tough guy
And you ask for more
More money, more beers, more girls after the gigs
Now that you're on the top you don't wanna to get down
Well I say
Fuck you fuck you fuck you on and on
You just forgot what punk is for
It's not a fashion attitude
You sold your soul to your enemy
Pretending you won't let it be
And in 1996 if you're a punk
My mum is a punk
My dad is a punk
My brother is a punk
And everybody is a punk
Fuck you fuck you fuck you on and on

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