"What We're Here For" lyrics


"What We're Here For"

I will sing and shout,
if that's what you've asked for.
And I will live life proud,
shining your light on it.

It's like a paperweight
fell from the clouds onto my head
without a touch of pain.
And like a winner's crutch,
it's just too much to take.
I keep my vices in the closet
waiting for a chance to take
all that is left of me.

And, I need to remember at times...
That this head of mine,
Well... it's not always screwed on right.
I'm not always right.
And I know what you promised,
I'm completely aware...
But I'm asking, Lord,
I need to know...
I just need to know...

What we're here for...
What we're made for...
What we breathe for..
What we bleed for...

What are we here for?
I'm begging...

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