"Oblivion" lyrics



Dodging these stones yet again, still dreaming of something.
And it’s safe to say I’ve come to call home a couch, our floorboard or just nothing.
Well, I swear to God I love you. I swear to God I need you too.
I swear to God I’m telling you the truth….

Lost in Oblivion.
Praying for something, waiting for nothing.
I am the morning sun.
Rising for nothing, shining for no one.

I will never burn out.

I’m sure some will say that I’ve truly lost my way.
"Love your vice, love your crutch but you’re drowning from the rain.
And you’re swimming with the eels, yea you’ve raised your price to play.
It’s a game you can’t win, you keep shifting the blame but…"

"Your tomb will surely find you."
Has my God turned away?!
“Close your eyes and let it slip away.”

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