"Lover's Touch" lyrics


"Lover's Touch"

Why would you marry me? Or was it for our families?
We share a bed at their feet
And our nights, well we dwell on these fights
And we punish our son for the times that we've lied
And you’ve deafened the choir, you bed-ridden horse
And you’ve spit on my motions as if they were yours
I’m aware you’re in need and you’re counting on me
Why waste living on the likes of me? Save conscience for the slaughtered sheep

Well, I’ve been meaning to give you a reason
The stones in hand will block out the sun, they’ll cleanse our sins just for fun
While you’ve been sleeping, I’m wide-awake dreaming
When my lover’s touch has faded and I wake up…
She’s not next to me

I’m alive, I’m unwell
Maybe heading to hell
I’m alive, but unwell, and I sure deserve hell
I’m alive and a lie, such a lie, it’s a lie…
It’s a lie

In the backseat, you can find me with my lover
Just a crutch for the night
Her heart flutters at the drop of a dime
And when the night is young I’ve had my fun
I’ll hold her far and tight

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