"Lost" lyrics



Run or Die? Well, I don't know why I ever tried.
You were my only comford, escape from within all these lies

One last time. Please, just try. I belong to you, but are you mine?

We spent nights getting high on false trust, on self pity.
We both bit off our tongues and we choked on the lies.
We spent mornings awake, bloodshot eyes in the city.
Pushed the pillow down gently and let ourselves die.

Well, I still feel your touch, hear your voice.
I still call this our home.
And I know when you left, what you lost had
outweighed all you own.
I knew everything in your life, it had changed,
when you called be that night
from the bridge and you said, "I'm alone'.

One last time. Please just try. I belong to you, but are you mine?
One last time. No more lies.
I'll belong to you for all of time.

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