"Food Chain" lyrics


"Food Chain"

Well, Hey...
You're bringing back heartache, now a first name basis.
You shift the blame on me, but I have this crutch
and it treats me well
and it makes me blush.
You say that we went astray from the moment that we let our hands have their way...
Or brains? Are they one in the same?
In the moments we fake and the motions we slave.

I'm working on my pity and I'm sacrificing truth.
I'm acknowledging the moments that I've wasted on you.
I'm igniting all the ladies' hearts with movements set on me.
I'm delivering the holocaust with sheep and bloody knees.
I'm complaining while indifferent and still honestly confused.
I am humble, I am heartache, I am young and abused.
I am numb, but I feel everything, I'm giving it all to you...
As a gift, as a plea, as a right to abuse.

I lost myself, I found my way.
I've touched your thighs, I've felt your pain.
I've cried out loud, I've told the truth.
I've sacrificed my hold on you.
You're innocent, you spread your legs, you played your part, you had your way.
You've dug your hole, you've paved the way.
Well, you're hip and a flop and on top of the food chain.

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