"Eating Disorder" lyrics


"Eating Disorder"

I fell to sleep on my knees.
I bit my tongue off in time for a brunch
Or a 4 course meal touch, just to bleed.
But I won't let you down.
In heat, I'm a cart in the corner,
A benefit concert for eating disorders.
But nothing has changed and yet nothing will stay the same...
I won't let you down.

Plant the seeds within the weeds.
Plant the seeds...

I fell to sleep on my needs.
I missed your face from the moment I lied,
From the first tear you cried...
Now I'm begging and pleading but nothing is working.
I bleed.
I planted every last seed.
I water daily but nothing is growing...
There's no change worth showing.
I've fallen apart, I've rolled up in the corner to die.

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