"Broken Arrow" lyrics


"Broken Arrow"

I'm not god but I've seen the light
I saw the future in a dream last night
Holy ghost let me be your host
Control my body and throw your stones

We need more boots on the ground
No more time to mess around
Our chance to attack is now

Kevlar underneath our clothes
Teach your children to reload
Access the nuclear codes

I'm not god but he works thru me
In a state of emergency

No more woman's right to choose
We want Walmart brand high schools
Police that make up their own rules

Doctors are now obsolete
With prayer miracles are free
All you gotta do is believe

"I can defend all things thru Christ who strengthens me."

Poverty is a myth
A false idol we dismiss
Nobody said god was rich

Equality and welfare
Those are not crosses we bear
Nobody said god was fair

Nobody said that god was fair

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