"Jump" lyrics



You're standing on the edge of a ledge
You're on the 18th floor
You look around and ask yourself
What am I living for?
The loan sharks are after you
What the fuck you gonna do?
Do it, do it
Jump, and it is a suicide
Jump, if you can't make up your mind
Jump if you can't take any more
Jump, what are you waiting for?
You ain't got no real friends
And no-one's on your side
No-one wants to listen to you, or help you
A friend in need is a friend indeed, or so they say
What are you going to do, come the day?
You sit in your chair
Pulling out your hair
What the fuck you gonna do?
When they kick down the door
And sanity won't pull you through?
But they can't stop you now
'Cos you've made up your mind
You know which way you wanna go
It's the big one, finish it
Do what you set out to do, do it, do it
Do what you set out to do, do it, do it

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