"Not Alone" lyrics


"Not Alone"

Clenching this steel I know that I’m certain
is everyone in place? Let’s open the curtains.
But before you go on let me ask you this question:
Does a voice make a sound if there’s no one to listen?
And as it started she said, “I may just be guessing,
but somewhere in the feedback must be a message.”

We’ll stay, just for today,
together we say, you’re not alone.
With all these choices we all live with, you’re not alone

Miles away I can’t hear myself think.
Just one more shot to help make the pain sink.
Another rest stop, another last phone call,
forgot to say happy anniversary.
I can’t hear the noise, I’m used to these engines
it’s gotten to the point, I can’t hear anything.


But it’s all fading fast. It was fun while it lasted.
this mountain of dust, this hard rain of ashes.
But if something was done to give us this problem
then somewhere there are those who know how to solve them.


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