"Noasis" lyrics



How many drinks does it take to screw in a weekend all alone?
16 beers and a bottle of gin do enough to keep me warm
My time is running short and my tries have all run out
In my mind, I’m safe inside but you still have your doubts

I can’t pretend to feel your warm embrace
I feel this scar re-open every time I see your face
Your curves haunt me up and down this street,
But I will always regret when I wept at your feet

Sometimes I wish the train would come and put me in my place
I’m like an extra in a foreign film, a name without a face
19 years old and I’ll still afloat, the punchline of a running joke
What not to do in a state of sleep, what not to do when your heart is weak,
That’s me...that’s me...that’s...

There’s some thoughts I’ve had that have no aim
There’s angels pouring gasoline
The devil’s here to douse the flames
The devil’s here to take my name,
I don’t intend to keep you breathing

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