"Inspired By True Events" lyrics


"Inspired By True Events"

This is all that I've been going through, while trying to pay the rent,
We could hit the road, we could try again
And it's so fucked up, It was one bad show,
now we'll never know

you gotta take the van to make it, you gotta let it be your life
you gotta play a show to two people with disapproving eyes
cause thats just how it goes, and we've been there before
At our last show on the road, he said

"You fuck with me, you fuck with all of my friends"
all we did was play a show with your shitty hardcore band, and you said
You'll kick my ass, but I've got paper and pen
and they'll play this song in riverside in the end

One awfully stupid night, is not enough to bail, to bail
You've always gotta try because you're never gonna succeed that easily,

We may never make it, but we'll play this every night
to remind us why we take the time to have it in our lives
'cause nights like that are worth it, in exchange for nights like this
At our first show on the road, we'll say

tonight tonight, I will show you my friends
we'll never give up, we will never give in

this is all that I've been going through, and I still can't pay the rent,
but we'll hit the road, we'll always try again

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