"Crash And Burn" lyrics


"Crash And Burn"

Well he packed up all his shit
He split on a Sunday afternoon
He left a note saying "you'll all be sorry"
I swear to god it's true

He's never going to admit you got the best of him
You know he's not sorry now
So sip that drink you're drowning in
And you will never see his face again

Leave your past on the cracked pavement
It's a road you're never gonna have to walk again
You never had a chance
You know you never did
So wish them all to hell and walk away from this

Well he's got it figured out
He hates this dead-end town
Can't say I blame him
Maybe I'll help him burn it to the ground

Tear down the walls
When it all falls apart let it crash and burn

He packed his bags and went away
Cut all his ties to end the day
From the pain, from all the things
That kept him in this place

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