"The Aftermath" lyrics


"The Aftermath"

As the mad man now cedes power to his throne
His subjects all abandoned…left on their own
To the great unknown, our road looks hard and long
But a kingdom’s heart is open…
As our feet they lead us on and on to…

Where we belong
These hearts made strong
Once weak, now one

Have the power to,
untwist the screw and go

No…We’ve got sickness in these bones,
But we won’t back down, if it’s down to you
No…Stripped the witless of his throne
And we won’t look back, if it’s back to you

From the aftermath of failure we find hope
The promise of the prophet, to carry on
Optimism now unshackled, and unchained
Gives breath back to the artist
Whose canvas stretches on and on to…

Where we stand strong
Freedom’s new song
Once weak, now one

Disposed casually,
No more casualties of war

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