"New Babylon" lyrics


"New Babylon"

We’re making lists of terrorists and bombs to drop.
We’ll cleanse the world of evil in a single strike.
We’ve got healthcare, we’ve got welfare for our populace,
Almost everyone will qualify.
Get on your knees and pray.

Welcome to the modern world, the New Babylon.
Built on faith in God, we can’t be wrong. (You’re gonna die)
Welcome to the moral age, Eden’s garden.
Breaking bread and making war, for the strong.

The Vatican has books to ban and souls to save,
while robbing virgin children of a happy life.
We’re capitalists, not pacifists, the Chosen few,
All non-Whites need not apply.
Get on your knees and pray.

We’ll gentrify and modify the world ‘til there’s nothing left
but heaven’s children, for all to see.
Sacrifice truth and liberty, sacrifice it for the religious right,
And realize the dream.

Get on your knees and pray, the time has come, our judgment day.
We’re standing strong and struggling on, listen to me while I babble on.

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