"To The Bone" lyrics


"To The Bone"

Biting down on my arm so long
I think my teeth might have reached the bone
Pinching myself so hard
I can tell this one's gonna leave a fatty scar
Tongue is twisted so bad I'm not sure it will ever come undone
Something along the lines of you've never heard of

I'm not saying anything anymore
before I speak I watch my words fall to the floor
Pick them up and I brush them off,
hose them down 'till there really isn't anything left
To the bone is how deep it goes
Hair on the back of my neck grows
think it's time to throw the towel in
at the core is where it grows,
where it ends up, hell if I know
Mystery, better left not solving
re-written and I'm forgotten

Tell-tale heart under
floor boards still beating hard
Pumping louder
no way to ignore the sound
Don't care what they say,
cause I'll still do it anyway
With nowhere to go
I'll sit down turn the stereo up

Thanks to Danny Molina for these lyrics

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