"Hourglass" lyrics



As days fade
I go blind
Looking to bring back
Those days that lasted forever

For the love of yesterday
I can't help but regret that day
Everything turned to grey
Even our hearts turned away
When you took my hand in faith
That's when I remembered
Our dreams were so alive

Hourglass stained, stained to red
It's about giving up, letting go

And my minds made up on the clouds just sitting there
And my chest starts to cave, the weight is getting near
I can't remember
(I can't remember)
I can't remember
(I can't remember you)

And the tears push behind
As the tears pour down
And written were the words
Don't get caught in the moment
Well, I already have
I can't go back now
I have to move ahead
Everything turned to grey
Even my heart turned away
I must move on
I must find hope
That youth awaits me on the other side
I must move on

What's left for me here
I'll choke on what's left over

Remembering you:
The sand keeps falling down
And faces come and go
And the skies keep turning from blue to grey
And when I'm caught in the moment
And my life shines like the day
I'll remember the hourglass, the hourglass

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