"Disappearing Generation" lyrics


"Disappearing Generation"

When the time goes on
Everything becomes sad and old
When you’re getting trapped in the teeny step
Waiting to be the same boy
When you feel so alive but
For all people you’re dead
Life it’s not for you, kid, welcome to
Disappearing generation

Born in the big city
With everything he could need
Growing up with Ivy tapes
And looking for
Some freedom he0ll never get
Thinking that he follows the same way
That his friends
These great old times,
Full of dreams all was perfect for him

It’s the end for you
And your disappearing youth,
Your disappearing youth
You lost them all in the highways of time
And now you’re really alone
There’s nothing you can do
But you’ll never give it up
Disappearing generation

No one told hi, this is gonna change
People look for another way
Job, family and praise
Where went all the colours
That filled all their brains
His tattoos don’t shine as before,
They have been fading away

Now the streets don’t belong to you
But your mind is not gonna change
And you were here before
Now the streets don’t belong to you
And you’re gonna be trying to keep
Your disappearing generation

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