"All Wrong" lyrics


"All Wrong"

So, when I have depression
I’m looking for pains session
So when I get calm,
I’m still out of my mind
When I’m for somebody,
It is only for own profits
So when my socks start to smell
I use the other side

People tell me I’m wrong!
All wrong in my life
My scales is off balance
From the notion of reason I’ve lost

When I leave out Street,
It’s like coming home
So when I go home
I rather stay out door
Don’t mind big troubles
Salvation are my problems
Well I piss on my fate,
I’m an asshole, lazy and late

I’m always on a crossroad,
Between what is right or wrong
In all my way

All goes wrong in my head
In my acts, in my life, I am wrong

Thanks to Milommiel for these lyrics

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