"Happiest Boy In America" lyrics


"Happiest Boy In America"

the talent to ignore the glory of fools
the happiest boy in america
his bad days are blurred
so casual he is as they go by
how relaxed on a bomb and pleased with the world
the happiest boy in america

out on a limb, strung up by his toe
the trains don't stop running in america
a fox, a rat
he's saviorless as it's defined
didn't leave home a junkie but came home as one
the happiest boy in america

how he lived this long's a fucking miracle
with a cocktail everyday
and the pleasure to play
not a wild eyed kid he's just a good boy
and with a grin
he'll roll over for the bone
reflecting on when his days wouldn't end
(reflecting back on when he was treated like a human being)
throughout lifes duress his veins wouldn't raise
the happiest boy in the world lives at the bottom

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