"Love In The Backseat" lyrics


"Love In The Backseat"

Yea you know I saw you
Spinning around
Like an angel out on that floor
Oh you stole my heart
Right from the start
No I never seen you here before
So tell me what you're doing
In this town
So tell me girl is that your man
I got my 289 parked right outside
So won't you come on
With me if you can

No I don't need to ask you honey
I know what you want to do
There ain't no motherfucker
That's gonna keep me away from you
And that's true

So come on baby
Turn up the radio
Lock the doors and we'll kill the lights
You know everything will be alright
So come on baby
Come along with me
We'll drive out where no one can see
Cut the engine, gonna hold you tight
Everything will be alright
Everything will be alright

We'll take it we'll take it
You know we can take it slow
We'll take it we'll take it
We'll take ti anywhere
You want to go

There's no need to worry now my dear
No there's not a soul in sight
So move a little closer here by me
You know we can stay all night

Well you momma and your daddy
Done told you
Now girl you better keep away
From boys like us but honey
I know that you're not listening
To what they say
You're never listening
To what they say

We'll go out past the party lights
Just you and me on a summer night

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