"American Hearts" lyrics


"American Hearts"

There's an American heart
Reckless and wild
Beats like a cold black hurricane
Through you and me
And there's a promise of hope
That says don't you be scared son
A life here is a good one
Boy you're born to be free

Can you feel it slipping away

Just an American boy
Marching in time
Nineteen years old
When they put him up on that line
Get's him a ticket home
And a hero's salute
In a casket with stars and stripes that shine
Blinding American hearts like mine

And I feel it slipping away
I feel it slipping away

I see a government man
Under red white and blue
Smile as he explains the cost of
War to me and you
But there's no mention of no
Names, no pictures on my TV screen
It's just the same old story
The same old fucking story again

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