"Jauria" lyrics



somos perros con una gran ira hacia este mundo
nada impedirá que nuestra sangre se propague
nuestra fuerza y nuestro orgullo no nos dejarán

no nos verán caer
no nos verán perder [x4]

somos STRAIGHT EDGE [x6]

if we could recollect upon our actions from the past
you would see that we are masters and the barons of our craft,
too late for the pain we went straight into the rage,
put our heart in the fight and our soul upon the stage, all truth no lies.
and our minds are immune to the pressures of the world,
we were trying to make it better with the weight of all the words,
we smoke the competition we don't even touch the dope!
no hope for the sole you just gotta let it go and get fucking ready
'cause... you know what? here we go again...

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