"FDL 13" lyrics


"FDL 13"

I`m mess, I’m a wreck, I`m sociopath
I`m a menace to myself, I keep looking back,
to when I lost my self my brain and my sight went black,
to when the world collapsed and it burned to ash.
Our names are carved, in our hands,
so we`ll recognize our bodies in the sand after the final heist.

But they took my will, try to break my spirit,
I`m the way I living… fuck you, I said it.
If the world shows no love, what are we doing trying to save it?
Let it burn for all we care,
spread the hate promote the warfare.
But what would that accomplish?
Our hate will be the death of us.

Than let us go out swinging, from the hell we all call home.
let it be known, from this time on,
think a little bit and let the words form your song.
we`re the same, we all have pain,
we have to work to kill the bane.

Thanks to xburzumx for these lyrics

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