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Featuring Pete from xBishopx

I kick myself when I think about
Think about the bodies that are burning
the people that are hurting.
Brothers in arms, taking lives for governments,
killing for the fraudulent, invading countries.
1 by 1, well I take them, 2 by 2,
minds I`m talking about.
It`s the beginning of the end.
Pre apocalyptic times, but I got a post apocalyptic smile
because I`m the only one standing, I`m the only laughing now….

Vivimos en el centro del infierno
sufrir y ver morir tratar de sobrevivir
ahora es tiempo y contra atacar
golpear sin parar verán la bestia
en mi

es- el -fin

ahora empieza el fin
el inicio empieza

es- el- fin

su mundo temblara al contemplar
tal furia emergiendo de las masas
rendirse no es opción
mis rodillas jamás el suelo tocaran

es hora de pelear o morir [x2]

the hell we live infects the hearts of every man.
the hell we live afects the lives of every man.
golpear sin parar
sufrir y ver morir tratar de sobrevivir.

Thanks to xburzumx for these lyrics

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