"Bohemian C" lyrics


"Bohemian C"

I'm leaving, to a place much better than this fucking hole,
Got plans and goals that I just can’t let go,
But they can't come true when I'm all tied up in rope,
Not being literal, I'm metaphoric yo,
Hate’s got me talking crazy I'm just not my own,
Wish I could just let go, of the things that bound me to this world,
Like the church of hot addiction, or being lost in contradiction,
When the moon goes down, I'm already gone...
This too shall pass, all hope isn't lost,
Maybe we'll still make the best of it, we'll go into trance,
We’ll give a fuck about everything,
But when the time comes to make up your mind,
Will you fight with your hands,
Or will you lay down and die?
It's thoughts like these that's gonna fuck us up.
Share the knowledge of the truth and get your stance up,
Let them ge the pain out, take a little rage out,
Turn them on the people that be greased out with money,
Lies, deception and corruption.
All the things we care about, think we love,
Can't live without, are nothing...
But means of crowd control.
- The extended gutters packed full of scum that you call society are making me sick.
Whores, thieves, killers, taking up oxygen and corrupting spirits.
Politicians are masked magicians,
Making all signs of will and independence disappear,
Controlling the masses through acts of so-called terrorism,
Like 9/11 and the recent exploding wars overseas.
Controlling minds through fear, debt, and religion.
There's a new world order forming, and taking over,
It won't be long before we find ourselves slaves
Of the corporations and the world government.
It’s on us to take a stand, introduce a little anarchy...
I’ll blow my brains out before I let my knees touch the fucking ground...

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