"Billy Just Wanna Have Fun" lyrics


"Billy Just Wanna Have Fun"

Look here you ain't no king, I see no crown I see no ring,
So who are you to judge my fam or even try to break my stance?
It's on, this song is all about, the latest thugs in town,
We bringing up the heat, man we're shaking up the ground,
We're tearing up the floor, yeah we took it by surprise.
Now, your size, don't matter, when you're in my face
And you're walking tall and you're talking shit!
Now your heart don't beat and your eyes don't see
'cause you're on the floor with my foot in your mouth!
Your shit don't count, don't come around with the same old song of love and hugs,
What the fuck is that? we're crooks and thugs,
We ball so hard, we roll so low, so close to the floor, you know!
So call your crew, they're gonna get burnt and so are you!
What the fuck you looking at? I got the mirrors on my back,
And I can say that I can feel, the weakness in your craft,
So take back what you said! the words ain't real, man,
They talk about us we don't hear them, but we ain't deaf,
You just ain't got no volume man.
Ok, we know how to flow, we don't know how to fall,
We don't know how to crawl, we're the best in the business and...that's all!

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