"When It Comes Around" lyrics


"When It Comes Around"

Thought that you were someone
I could trust
In the end you're just like all the rest
Thought I wouldn't notice
but you're wrong
Thought I wouldn't notice
but you couldn't be more wrong

I called you out
and you backed down
What are you gonna do
When it comes back around
This isn't fucking over
This isn't fucking done
It'll catch up to you
Your time will come

Thought you'd get one over on me
Better think again
It's never happened yet
It's not starting now
you really think I would let this slide
No fucking way, not this fucking time

Did you really think
You'd get the best of me
Did you really think
That I wouldn't care
I won't let this go
Until I have my way
It's not fucking over
It's not fucking done

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