"You Were The One" lyrics


"You Were The One"

and i started but then i stopped because i realised that the door was locked and the brothers there in the devil's lair cared not for what happened to a godless boy like me. your brother; he took a lover. she was out with another's hand in her pocket and so you made me promise that i wouldn't fail you - you know that i couldn't, even if i wanted to. YOU WERE THE ONE AND I GOT CARRIED AWAY... AND I SCREAMED "DON'T FALL IN LOVE!" BUT YOU FELL ANYWAY. your mother hated me from the outset because i wasn't catholic or something like that. maybe she saw my army fatigues? being a republican ain't all it used to be. you and i walked on, regardless of care, and married in the stone circles of beaghmore - but in the morning, they came looking for me and emptied their rifles into our bedroom window. YOU WERE THE ONE AND YOU GOT CARRIED AWAY... AND I SCREAMED "DON'T FALL ASLEEP!" BUT YOU WENT ANYWAY. i tore at my hair and ripped at my flesh but nothing brought you back. those god-damned loyalists and their trigger-happy soldiers - i swear to god, they will pay (the IRA!).

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