"Worst Enemy" lyrics


"Worst Enemy"

she broke my feeble heart so i headed out to sea.
a schooner out of galway bay, i ran away from
everyone that i once knew and everything i had.
i set my heart on running, wasn't long before i was back.
aboard the galway hooker i had made a simple life
but i knew i had to come back home for my family
and find myself a wife and a steady trade to live,
but i'm no bloody good, no, woe is me.

i long for what i wish for but what that is, i can't see.
i long for what i wish for but my worst enemy is me.

the beast you know is worse than the beast you cannot be.
even up inside the brain the alcohol can
numb my thoughts and numb my words until i cannae breathe,
i cannae sleep, i cannae think, i cannae fucking see.
so i downed a pint in the pub with mickey finn.
a more drunken souse you've never seen in your damn life.
first to drop and last to fall and that's my woeful tale.
i fill my glass because i cannae fill my heart...

and i'll return to sea and make galway bay a part of me.
diving in from the claddagh, the ocean will be all i'll breathe.

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