"The Weakend" lyrics


"The Weakend"

i take my hat off the hatstand, leave the phone off the hook and take those lonely steps to the sand; and to the Frankston pier which has been closed for a year so on the Kananook Bridge i stand. i look out to the waves out over Oliver's Hill and in my head, i count the days until her heart beats again. but from now until then, i'll brown and bask in summer rays. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE WEEKEND, THAT'S WHEN I SEE YOU AGAIN. my mind wanders backwards to early february when you asked me to leave but i jolt myself back now, back to the present tense - outside it's twenty three degrees. i leave my keys in my shoes and wander down to the shore, take a long run up and jump into the sea. it's colder than hell which will one day freeze the day you come home to me. the weekend might be many summers away.

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