"The Tail Of The Rats" lyrics


"The Tail Of The Rats"

oh, molly, how can i stand it when i am so faraway? i'm on ship heading for van diemen's land and we leave today. molly ramone, won't you forgive me while i am so far away? molly, i love you. molly, i miss you. i'll return to old ireland someday. i scratched her name into the wall as i counted out my days. it feels like forty thousand years when it's just been the month of may. "where's the proof of innocence?" you ask and i agree. well, it's all inside my head, my boy, a convict's life for me. THEY CALLED US THE RATS AND THEY SENT US AWAY TO LIVE A LIFE OF LABOUR IN THE LAND GIRT BY SEA. WELL, COME ON BOYS! LET'S SHOW 'EM WHAT RATS DO TO SURVIVE! WE'LL HIT 'EM HARD. WHAT DO YOU KNOW? THE RATS ARE STILL ALIVE. we scratched another line into the wall of this here cell as we talked about our plans for how we'd escape our slice of hell. there's aaron, paul and jason and me, yeah, that makes four. a quartet of naughty boys, you see, so naughty we will be. the prison guards are easy bought with cigarettes and whiskey, so once we hit van diemen's land, we'll be home and free and then we'll rove across the land, walking miles in our old shoes. this might not be old donegal but i tell ya, it will do. so the rats are free to scurry where old dogs fear to tread and if they try to follow us they might find they wake up dead. and now all i need is molly to make my life complete, but she's back in the old country. i guess that's it.

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